Hi there! Do you know any good place to by TWD shirts online? Most of the shirts are Daryl-centric, and of course, i'm looking for something about Rick! I've been looking forever and I can't find anything. Thanks!


Hullo! Her Universe has this amazing Ricktatorship t-shirt. There’s also a few officially licensed t-shirts from CafePress: Rick Grimes Sheriff t-shirt, Rick Don’t Look Back, Team Grimes (I have one of these!), I’m With Him (I have this one as well). There is this I’m Rick Grimes, Bitch! via Etsy. There also is this Ricktatorship shirt from HotTopic. There are only two sizes left though (x-small and small).


Feeling REALLY annoyed lately about a lot of so called ‘McFly Fans’
Every second post is about McBusted should go sepperate ways again or the sixth album….blah blah blah….

The second part i can understand partially. We all wait for new stuff of them but WHY THE HECK you guys can’t let them do…

McFly as a subsection of McBusted are not McFly. McFly said they would “stay forever” not stay “for always”. So no, they are NOT now. But before you get all insulted and start calling people “liars” consider that these are people who have grown and changed over the years. Artists MUST grow. This is what growth looks like/feels like: it’s not easy and it hurts but it has to happen. That saying about if you love something set it free is BS. If you love something let it grow. BE THERE. Be a cheerleader but let it grow to it’s maximum potential. Unconditional love is unconditional. 


This might be crazy unpopular, judging from the way my dash looks right now, but Carol is not the only person on TWD who’s done something, that, at the time or in hindsight, was a really bad decision.

  • Morgan didn’t kill his wife, later she killed their son
  • Shane killed…

In compiling a list of this type all of the behaviors & subjects should have a commonality or there is no basis for comparison. I don’t argue with your conclusion, but having been in research for many years I cannot help but question the validity of your data. The Governor, Merle, Shane, Martinez were never represented as heroic figures or good people. The viewer is intended to despise them for their choices so their inclusion on the list infers that your target subject is meant to behave like they behave. Also there is no way to compare an event that never happened to one that did-even in hindsight.  This list should only include actions taken by “heroic” figures in order to prove it’s point.  I understand what being said, but the list provided doesn’t support the conclusion.



Hershal goes off to do a really immature and childish thing. He goes to get a damn drink.

#wow hershel grow up #it’s the apocalypse and all you care about is getting a damn drink? #stop acting so childish and immature 

like father like daughter. So quit crabbing anti-Bethers

would you know any website that have the Walking Dead comics from 121 to the most recent 129 (i think it is). Thank You


The easiest way I have found to get the comics online is to download them as .cbr files. They will be readable on your computer, or you can get a comic reader app for a mobile device and load the files on your device for mobile reading. You can find links to download every issue here. The comics are currently up to issue #128. Issue #129 will be released this Wednesday, July 9.



Am I the only one who thinks that Bethyl have more chemistry than Gleggie?

no, that’s just the PROBLEM!  I feel badly that I REALLY don’t feel the heat with Carol/Daryl (even beyond her being a sociopath) and despite Beth’s comparative youth.